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Cato Poelman

Hi! My name is Cato Poelman, 22 years old and I live in Haarlem. Since I was little, I traveled around the world with my family in a green van. Now that I am older I’m still traveling with my boyfriend Sander.

When I’m not traveling or busy planning trips, I’m following a study in Amsterdam as a Social Worker. I take the skills that I’m learning during this study, such as listening, showing respect and acceptation with me when I ‘m traveling. Because of this I’m often not only in love with the country itself, but also with the people and the culture.

When I travel I feel free, independent and rich. Free because I can go anywhere I want. Independent because I can do what I want and wealth because I gain the best experiences of my life while traveling. We combine these feelings on this site with words, photographs and videos to hit you and inspire the most beautiful trips. I like to give a lot of tips, showing you the most beautiful places and I would like to share my life experiences with you. Became curious? Look around on our website!


Sander Hartman

Travel addict, daydreamer, a bit crazy and a gadget freak. That’s how I would describe myself. My name is Sander, I am 23 years old and I’m a salesman. A few years ago, when I was walking for the first time with my backpack in Thailand, I immediately fell in love with the different culture and beautiful nature. From that moment, the travel addict inside me was born. I was lucky that I could travel around the world since then with my girlfriend.

While traveling I’m always busy with cameras and other gadgets to create beautiful content of all the wonderful places we go. Because of this passion, we have started Ourtravelfeed as an Instagram account, but we have a lot more to share. I hope I can inspire other people with our collection of photos, videos and stories, because the world offers a lot beautiful things to share. My favorite destination is Indonesia, because of the diversity of the beautiful nature and the lovely locals.

About Ourtravelfeed

We are two dutchies who have been together for 4,5 years now. We have one big thing in common and that is that we both love to travel! Since the moment that we have met we are traveling around the globe. After 4 months that we were together we booked our very first trip to the USA. Since that moment we visited almost every continent.

The second most thing that we love besides traveling is talking about traveling! Because of this we started It started with our Instagram account, but soon we noticed that other wanderers wanted to know our stories. On we combine our travel pictures with all our experiences and stories.

Contact & collaborations

Feel free to contact us for questions and collaborations. We are open to all questions about traveling, Ourtravelfeed and partnerships. We reach a large audience of travel fans, adventurers and nature lovers. Please send us an email to see how we can form a collaboration!

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