Photo of the week (18)

This fascinating bridge is part of the Selvatura National Park in Monteverde, Costa Rica. This national park is located in Monteverde’s cloud forrest. We’ve visited this place during our 4 week trip in Costa Rica.

The tour is one of the many activities that you can do around Monteverde. During this hike we walked over 17 hanging bridges above the tree lines, the longest bridge was around 1000 meters long. We even spotted some howler monkeys, this was absolutely amazing!

We’ve visited the cloud forrest in the early morning. The big advantage of this early morning hike is that you can avoid the crowds. You also should bring a raincoat, it’s a cloud forrest after all.

Monteverde is one of our favorite places in Costa Rica. This picture gives a good example of the beautiful nature that Costa Rica has to offer. This wonderful scenery is the reason that we’ve chosen this picture as picture of the week.

Do you want to know more about our Costa Rica trip? Keep checking our website, soon we will be posting about many cool places in Costa Rica! 

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