Photo of the week (20)

This picture is made in Mdina. Mdina is located in the center of Malta and almost everyone agrees that this is the most beautiful place in Malta.

Mdina was the former capital of Malta, because Mdina gave you a great overview of the rest of the island, which was very important from a strategic point of view. The walls built around Mdina in the Middle Ages made it a difficult city to conquer. In the sixteenth century, Mdina was conquered by the Johannites, thereby establishing the city of Valletta as the new capital. Mdina was no longer the main city of the island, which caused the buildings to expire. These have been completely renovated and now Mdina is a place you should definitly visit as a tourist.

The magic colored doors, the little luminous streets (see photo!), the beautiful houses with the most graceful frames and the walls full of flowers make the city incredibly romantic.

Our favorite place of Mdina? That is the terrace of the Fontella Tea Gardens. From here you are looking over on the most beautiful places of Mdina and Malta. Meanwhile you can enjoy the delicious homemade cakes (carrot cake !!) and sit in the sun with an island breeze along you. The absolute highlight of Mdina!

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