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Did you know that Malta haves 2 sister islands? Well, we didn’t!

This picture is taken on Comino island, wich is located between Malta and Gozo. Comino is a very small island with a population of just 5. There are hardly any buildings (just one hotel) and cars are not allowed on the island.

Comino is famous for its beautiful Blue Lagoon. This is a small bay where the water has a turquoise blue bright color. This color is caused by the light of the sun breaking into the clear water in various colors. The water absorbs most of those colors, except the blue color! This makes it look like the water itself is blue, which gives a very beautiful effect to this place.

Malta offers several day tours to visit Comino and Gozo. Unfortunately, there is almost no beach at the Blue Lagoon itself. Because it’s very busy during the summer, all available seats are quickly picked, so a good alternative where you can relax is Santa Maria Bay. This bay can be reached with a twenty minute walk to the east of the Blue Lagoon.

The Santa Maria bay is very clean, the water is very clear and there are even some beach guards present. Absolutely a perfect alternative if it’s too busy at the Blue Lagoon!

A daytrip to Comino is definitely worth seeing during your stay in Malta and is well combined with the other sister island  Gozo. Comino can be reached from Malta and Gozo by boat. A return ticket costs $11, –

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