Photo Of The Week (22)

When we are traveling we are trying to find the most cozy restaurants, with the best food. Having a good meal, is one of our favorite activities besides traveling (everybody likes good food right?!). We think that traveling and food go well together, each country has unique food to offer. That’s why we have chosen this photo as a picture of the week!

What we learned during our trips is that the best restaurants and bars are not always in a main street, but the restaurants in the side street are just as good. Therefore, you should always be open minded to everything and just walk along!

Last week we were invited to try out the new restaurant, Diga, in our lovely hometown Haarlem. Diga is centrally located in the center of Haarlem, an one minute walk from the big market. Great!

Diga Haarlem is an Italian restaurant and it is open for lunch, a good drink or a delicious dinner. And the Italian cuisine is our favorite!

Therefore we were very excited to try out a delicious meal and make some pictures, because if you read the menu card, you could already taste the food! We chose the antipasti which is meant for two people. This antipasti consists of several snacks, which are based on the choice of the chef. This can always be different, but the flavors and colors are carefully selected together. But you will also find delicious pasta, lasagne, fish and meat dishes.

Oh, do you want a wine during your meal? Diga Haarlem gives you the choice to choose your own wine at the back of the restaurant, where there are hundreds of wine bottles. Ideal for true wine lovers! You can choose whether you want to sit in the cozy restaurant, outside on the terrace or in the courtyard.

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