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48 Hours in Paris: what to do?

The best thing about Europe is that you only have to drive a few hours to get to a totally different country, with a totally different landscape, different culture and even another language! So we decided last weekend (on Friday afternoon) to drive to Paris, which is about five hours from the Netherlands. We only had 48 hours in Paris because we had to go back on Sunday evening. Despite the fact that 48 hours does not sound long, it is definitely worth it! In this blog we tell you where you can find the best (Instagram) hotspots in 48 hours!



We think that this is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Paris! Montmartre is located on a large hill and has lovely French houses, winding roads and a breathtaking view over Paris. Montmartre is known as a painter’s district, because many famous painters, such as Vincent van Gogh, used to work and live here. Because of the characteristic houses, this is definitely worth a visit to take a few nice Instagram photos!


One of the most famous Instagram spots in Montmarte is the restaurant ‘La Maison Rose’. La Maison Rose is located on the corner of Rue de l’Aubreuvoir and Rue de Saules and has retained its beauty since 1850! But the real highlight of Montmartre is the Sacre coeur.


Sacre- Coeur

As we said before, the Sacre-Coeur is the hotspot for tourists in the Montmarte district. The basilica, which is literally called ‘The Basilica of the Sacred Heart’, is located at the highest point in Paris and has a striking white color!


To get here you can either go up the stairs (222 steps!) Or you can take a small cable car. However, the cable car does have a very long waiting line. Our tip: take the stairs, this is not so bad at all. Because this beautiful white basilica is an eyecatcher on every photo! However, this place is very popular and crowdy during the day. If you are planning to make a photo without anyone else, you should be there around 7 AM.


Rue de Crémieux

This colorful backstreet in Paris may be the most perfect Instagram place ever (or at least in Paris haha)! When you walk here, you feel like you are not in Paris, which can be quite nice to avoid the crowds. What makes this street so unique is that all houses have different pastel colors, how cool is that!?


If you want to go here, go early! This place is extremely popular with photographers and filmmakers. The sooner the better! Besides that, the light is very soft in the early morning. This makes it easier to capture the colours when you are taking pictures. But please note that this street is just a residential area, so respect the local residents and their privacy!


The Seine

From the Seine, which runs right through Paris, you always have a nice view of the Eiffel Tower. This river is useful as navigation along many highlights in Paris such as Notre Dame, Musée d’Orsay and as said the Eiffel Tower.


Palais de Chaillot

Palais de Chaillot is a palace consisting of two buildings along the Seine. The stairs that can be found here offer a great view of the Eiffel Tower (you will find many photos of this place on the internet)!


When we were in Paris in 2017, we could walk all the way to the edge of this viewpoint to view the Eiffel Tower from a higher point. For safety reasons, the edge is screened with fences, so now (2018) it is no longer possible to climb on the edges.



Side street Eiffeltower

Een andere mooie straat om foto’s in te maken, vind je aan de ………

In deze straat fotografeer je én de charme van de Franse huisjes en de zijkant van de eiffeltoren. De hele dag door komen hier groepjes af en aan. Als je even wacht, dan is het mogelijk om een foto te maken zonder mensen erop. Hier hoef je dus niet per sé vroeg te zijn, maar heb je wel de tijd (en het geduld) nodig om af en toe even te moeten wachten.



Are you tired of strolling through Paris? Buy a nice bottle of French wine, get some snacks and visit this park right next to the Eiffel Tower!

Champ-de-Mars is not only popular with tourists but also the locals are hanging out at the park. So this is the ideal place to relax after your hectic day in Paris and this place also offers you a great photo oppertunity! Relax, drink some wine and take some pictures. Does it get any better?



Het Louvre

Museum het Louvre is één van ’s werelds grootste musea en staat vooral bekend om het mooie schilderij van de Mona Lisa, welke is geschilderd door Leonardo da Vinci. Ondanks dat wij dit keer geen tijd hadden om het Louvre zelf te bezoeken (koop ruim van tevoren je kaarten om lange wachttijden te voorkomen!!), hebben wij wel rondgedwaald over het grote plein om een mooie foto te maken. Wil je écht niemand op de foto hebben, dan heb je geen andere optie dan hier met zonsopkomst te zijn! Maar eerlijk is eerlijk, dat levert wel de allermooiste plaatjes op!


Mocht je meer tijd hebben dan 48 uur, dan zijn er nog veel meer plekken om mooie foto’s te kunnen maken in Parijs!

(Onder andere bij de Notre-Dame, de Moulin Rouge, het museum  en doe ook een bezoekje aan de winkel La Durée, waar je de beste Macarons van de wereld kan verkrijgen! )

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